Monday, January 28, 2008

VITW 2.0

We apologize for the lack of posts here recently at VITW. You may notice that several posts have been pulled from the main page. These have been pulled for editing and revision to improve readability and update them as new information becomes available, or moved to more appropriate pages. Reposts of some of these were intended to be available on New Year's, but things have been more complicated lately, some of us are kind of bogged down with the hectic struggle of having everything working for the holy days, and then taking it all down again, relocating, taking care of newborns, working jobs, education, ect., so we ask that our readers be patient as we work, as much as time allows, towards a few more posts for the '08 edition of Voice in the Wilderness. We're planning to come out with some new articles soon: the Cassiciacum thesis, the conglomeration of similar posts, a series on Lefebvre and the SSPX, and an article describing in-brief the case of Fr. Leonard Feeney and more, plus the above mentioned revisions, hopefully the first of which will be as soon as the second week of February.


Anonymous said...

...Stop with the lengthy, time-consuming articles. This is twice that you have posted an apology for delayed updates - an absence of postings. If you don;t have time for the too lengthy articles - switch to a more useful objective. How about a film, actor, director, producer, company, financial supporter, TV network, commercial company, radio stations, music, etc list of those entities to be avoided because of blasphemy, profanations, sacriliges against our Lord and His Mother. Help Catholics that have not greatly reduced or totally eliminated music, film and TV viewing to do so.

After all, if you are to produce teaching, guideline material for Catholics to use and help themselves be more informed - who are you? Why not work through one of the licit sites? Become a contributor to a site that can claim so sense of legitimacy.

Thanks for listening - I do appreciate your depth of study.

Leo said...

Hi there and thank you for your interest and comments.

Firstly, It's not that we don't have time for "lengthy articles", but that we don't really have time for an article at this time - at all [see the above post]. Each article, even the really short ones, like the bios, require plenty of research and source-hunting, these posts, as long as they are non-fiction, need to have accurate information, and it is the pursuit of this that really takes the time.
For instance, the Des Lauriers bio took two-three days' hunt for info just to compile that tiny amount, and there's probably a whole lot more to him than that but that it's just not readily available. Turning that information into a post is not difficult - it's the content and research that's time consuming. And we do hope to begin updating the site regularly again sometime soon.

Secondly, this site deals with traditional catholicism - period - not entertainment (though I do see where you come from there and I agree somewhat). See tradcath reviews for Catholic reviews of books and videos and the like.

Thirdly, what do you mean by "licit"?

Fourthly, concerning links, again, see the updated links policies.

Fifthly, please use an identity when commenting.

Thanks again for your interest and comments,