Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The New Distributist League

Some Distributist bloggers and I have been working on building a New Distributist League, which according to NDL contributor Athanasius, would "fill the function of the old Distributist League founded by Chesterton and Belloc during the inter-war period"; and according to Gen Ferrer the new league will "face modern questions, debate, explore issues such asthe family, liberty, ethical economics and the role of the State and religion in national affairs." Other contributors include Roy F. Moore from The Distributist Review, and Gen Ferrer from The ChesterBelloc Mandate, Kelly M. from the Next Worker, and John Médaille from The Distributist Review. The New League has recently been officially launched by its chief editor Athanasius, and as it grows to its full capacity and success with some of these talented bloggers behind the wheel, readers might expect some of my meager contributions to this new endeavor, so feel free to drop in and see how things are coming along.