Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Interview of Fr. Neil Webster on ArchBishop Thuc by Bro. Michael Dimond

Interview Posted at Most Holy Family Monastery with Fr. Neil Webster:

This is snippet of their recap of the interview, which I find most interesting, and provides a very good insight concerning the ArchBishop Thuc controversy.

...In this interview, Fr. Webster, a priest who was with Thuc in his final days, addresses the objection of his mental capacity.

This interview is centered around the very interesting story of Archbishop Thuc’s final days and what happened to him. It’s important to remember that Bishop Thuc’s brother was the anti-communist president of S. Vietnam who was assassinated in 1963. This reveals that powerful individuals were very well aware of the activities of the Thuc family. Did Novus Ordo Church “authorities” conspire with powerful people to kidnap Bishop Thuc, in order to prevent him from consecrating more traditional-minded bishops who would spread the traditional Latin Mass, ordain priests in the traditional rite, and oppose Communism and the Vatican II sect? Hear the fascinating story...

It also goes into detail about the role played by Bishop Louis Vezelis, who was very instrumental in the actions of those who were around the Archbishop during his final days.
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Bro. Michael Dimond interviews Fr. Neil Webster about Archbishop Thuc, his final days and his line [1 hour audio]

snippet Obatined from Most Holy Family Monastery E-Exchanges.