Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The One True Church

Here is an elaboration of one idea that I had in my post one Lord One Faith, One Baptism, That there is only One true Church of the Faithful. Here, in this post found on this blog there is a wonderful post on this topic, mainly geared towards Protestants, it focuses on the fact that there is one True Church, and Our Lord did intend his words to be taken literally when addressing the sacrament of the blessed Eucharist. I think it to be a wonderful post and a very well written one at that, as it shows what happens when each man is given freedom to invent his own religion tailored to his likeing, as the Protestants do, who have over 33,000 different denominations and counting. He states very well that there is only one True Church, and that is the Catholic Church.

Pope Leo XIII, Tametsi Futura Prospicientibus, #10: "We would remind those persons of this truth who desire a kind of Christianity such as they themselves have devised, whose precepts should be very mild, much more indulgent towards human nature, and requiring little if any hardships to be borne. They do not properly under stand the meaning of faith and Christian precepts. They do not see that the Cross meets us everywhere, the model of our life, the eternal standard of all who wish to follow Christ in reality and not merely in name."


ukok said...

thank you for the affirmation and your comment on the post...the only thing I'd add is that the 'he' is in fact a 'she' :-)

318@NICE said...

Love the blog.

Leo said...

Glad ya liked it Dave.